Curtains & Blinds

Window furnishings add style and the finishing touch to every room. They have the potential to be the focal point in the room or simply add support to the main scheme. They must also perform their function practically and work efficiently, providing the right amount of privacy, light and insulation. Choosing the right treatment as well as materials or fabrics must be carefully considered to achieve the most successful result. With over 25 years of experience, we can help select the best solution for each window. Whether its curtains, blinds or shutters we will ensure they look beautiful and function effectively.


Furniture Selection, Design & Placement

The correct placement of furniture is crucial to the flow and use of each room.  Whether it is using and repurposing your existing pieces or selection of new pieces we can ensure that the correct pieces are selected and put in the correct place. With access to furniture manufacturers, importers and fabric houses we can ensure that your room is not only functional but represents you and your style perfectly.


Soft Furnishing

Cushions, Bedspreads and upholstered Bedheads offer a sense of comfort. They can also provide the added splash of personality to a room by featuring colours, textures and patterns. These can be custom designed in fabrics to coordinate with the overall colour scheme. With access to furniture manufacturers, importers and fabric houses we can finish off your room with custom designed furnishings that will really bring your space alive.


Flooring Solutions

Rugs, carpets and natural flooring options are all carefully selected to compliment the areas that they are to be used in. With access to rug manufacturers we can design a flooring solution that will perfectly accent your room and fit no matter what size and shape.


Lighting & Decor Items

Lighting is a vital element in any good design it can create warm and welcoming ambience yet it also needs to be highly functional for the space.  We can help source and select statement pendent lights, table and floor lamps as well as beautiful wall lights. Prints, mirrors, ceramic pots and general accessories are the finishing touches to any space helping to create the final layer of design.  We can help select and position these finishing touches giving your room that pulled together look.


Interior & Exterior Color Schemes

Whether you are renovating or building a new home I can help with the myriad of decisions you will need to make.  A package can be provided for me to help with any or all of the following:

a). Interior Selections
Paint Colours, Carpets and Floor Coverings, Tiles Wall and Floors, Cabinet Colours, Benchtop Selections, Vanities, Baths, WC, Laundry, Appliances, Lighting, Window Coverings, Wallpaper Selections, Furniture Placement Plan

b). Exterior Selections
Bricks, Paint colours for Weatherboard, Render and trims, Roofing, Gutters, Lighting, Exterior Furniture Placement Plan